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Affiliate Membership


Members who join today will automatically be included in our group membership of National Fast Dance Association, a group that provides discounted music rights for ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC.

Recommended Vendors and Service Providers

Insurance and Risk Management

Providing optimal coverage at low costs for social dance groups


Rental Space Coordinators

Providing assistance with dance events at hotels and convention centers.

Allison Davis
Manager, Global Accounts

Wayne Daniels
Senior Director, Global Accounts

Want to Become a Recommended Vendor?

Businesses that provide the following services to social dancers are invited to make a special offer to our membership:

Dance Flooring and Event Rentals
Travel Services
Design & Print Services
Supplies Providers (wristbands, water bottles, etc.)
Music Vendors
Other related services


Access to legal and management documents with paid membership.  

ASDA members receive full access to the resource library, which includes the following:


Personally Identifying Information


As more and more business is transacted online and with credit cards, organizations must take measures to protect the information they gather from members and participants.

Conflict of Interest Policy

A conflict of interest (aka “Ethics”) policy is a standard policy adopted by organizations to ensure legal compliance and fairness.

Crisis Management Procedure

There are times when you need your leadership team to have a certain amount of confidentiality and tact. Some members will be better suited than others in representing your organization to the media or other outside parties.

Document Retention and Destruction

Many federal and state laws contain recordkeeping requirements. In addition to specifying what records must be kept, these requirements may also dictate how the records must be kept and for how long.

Employment Policies

Overview of Policies for organizations with employees to ensure legal compliance and good practices.

Prohibited Personnel Practices



You wouldn’t want anyone doing any of these in the name of your organization.

Whistleblower Policy


If something is going terribly wrong within your organization, you want to know about (especially before the press does). Let your employees know they will be protected against retaliation from co-workers and managers if they go straight to the top to “blow the whistle” on bad business and employment practices.


Performance Agreement

A sample contract for groups engaging in a performance at an outside event (with or without pay).

Photo Release Form

A sample release form to be signed by a photographer or videographer to give your organization the rights to use or sell the photos/videos.

Volunteer Application

Great volunteers are a valuable part of your organization. Get a record of who they are so you may check their records and references, and take care of them in an emergency.

Participant Permission Form

This form limits your liability and allows you to take and use photos and videos of participants. Note certain restrictions in the use of those rights that ensure your participants’ wishes are respected.

Band Agreement

A sample contract to use when engaging a band to perform at your organization’s event or facility.

Incident Report Form

Put in writing any incident that occurs at your event or facility. An accurate record of an incident will help you manage the current situation properly as well as lessen the likelihood of similar incidents in the future.

Instructor Contractor Agreement

A sample agreement for contractor instructors (not employees) including schedule, pay, and your professional relationship with them. Ensure you have their tax information should you need to issue a MISC 1099.

Dance Rider

An addendum to the performance agreement that specifies what the dancers expect or need from the presenter.

Forming an Organization


How are you organized? Determine the type that best fits your group’s needs.

Guide to Becoming a Non-Profit Organization


Overview of the requirements and advantages of becoming a non-profit organization.

Marketing Tips for Social Dance Organizations

Your organization offers the community fun activities that are great for socializing, physical fitness, and brain function. The work you do is a true public service—be sure people know about it!

Risk Management: Your Partner in Social Dance


Descriptions of the most common injuries and issues affecting social dance events as well as measures to prevent and protect against them.

Code of Conduct


Most clubs are very open and accepting. However, clubs are only fun and safe when everyone is on the same page as to how to behave.

Event Coordination


Tips for organizing social dance events.

Event Safety Checklist


Easy-to-use guide to a safe event.