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Insurance is a practical expense for all businesses and facilities, and it's especially important for all dance activities.  If someone gets hurt while dancing, insurance coverage can provide monetary relief for an injured participant who needs medical attention.  A responsible group leader or event coordinator will, at a minimum, have "medical accident" coverage for this type of occurrence.  This type of coverage is included in all ASDA memberships at the rate of $2 per person per year (or $.20 per person per day for special events).  See Membership Benefits for details.

Most venues require dance clubs and special events to carry 1-2 million dollars in general liability insurance.  This type of policy provides basic coverage for your business.  For a quote, please complete the following application(s):

For General Liability coverage (clubs, organizations, and groups that meet regularly)

For Special Event coverage (one-time or special events)

For Directors & Officers coverage (non-profit organizations only)

Tags: insurance
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