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Dance Community Service

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Keeping a club together is the primary job of any leader.  Clubs provide members with tremendous value.  When asking members why they participate in their clubs, common answers have to do with the benefits of socializing, exercising, just plain fun, sharing what they love with others, trying something new, and a passion for performing.  These benefits are wonderful parts of dancers’ lives, and they wouldn't exist without a community of people to dance with.  So hats off to the club leaders and event organizers who make social dance happen!  Their hard work truly enriches our lives.

Now for the next challenge: how can you take this great thing to the next level?  You've already got the group together, so it’s time to start making the most of it.  Here are some ideas on how your club can do more for each other and help people in need.

Children’s Education

Dance is a valuable tool to help children lead positive,healthy lives.  Giving children the gift of dance is one of the most important things your club can do.  It is a gift that improves all aspects of a child’s life—mind, body, and soul.  Dance improves physical fitness, social skills, self-confidence, self-expression, cognitive development, and cultural appreciation.   Pass it on!



Best Pick-Up Line

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Esquire Magazine states, “Pick-up lines are corny, rehearsed witticisms that say as much about the nitwit charmed by them as they do about the amateur employing such desperate tactics.”  Not a great endorsement from the home of “Man at His Best”.  As a woman on the receiving end of many of these lines, I have to agree with the experts.

Yet there is this one line that I've always appreciated.  It’s refined, friendly, and promising.

“Do you want to dance?” a guy asks with a smile and an extended hand.  Now that’s good.  So good, in fact, I've hardly ever turned it down.  What I love about it is how much it tells me about the other person.  He’s fun, confident, and wants to do things that I want to do.  Immediately, he’s off to a good start and I want to now more about him.  But first,we’ll just share a dance.  So I take his hand and let him lead me to the dance floor. 



Thinking about taking partner dance classes? Not sure what to sign up for? A mix of both is recommended for most people. Here's an idea of what to expect from group classes and private lessons.

Group Classes


  1. Practice leading and following with a variety of partners.
  2. Make new friends and practice partners.
  3. Watch other people try new moves and learn from their experience.
  4. Group classes are less expensive than private lessons.