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Safety Matters

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Familiarize yourself with the most common injuries and issues affecting social dance events. Then, work with your staff and volunteers to maintain your location as a safe space for dance. Acquire adequate insurance coverage to control your losses in the event of an injury or loss.

Make sure the premises are safe.

Inside: check for exit doors, uneven surfaces, slippery floors, electrical, etc. Post signsabout dangers (i.e. no baby powder, sawdust, body oils, etc.). 

Outside: check for adequate, well-lit parking.Surrounding:check to see if the surrounding neighborhood is safe by looking up the area crime score.

Create a culture of safety.

Train leaders and volunteers to take personal and immediate responsibility for safety hazards like cables, slippery substances on floors, and the infamous banana peel!  Make safety a primary responsibility of all leaders and members.

Provide security as needed.

Hire an off-duty police officer or deputy sheriff to protect your members. One securityguard per every 400 guests is recommended. This ratio does not apply to a facility that has its own security (i.e. a hotel or public building). At secured buildings, consider hiring a security guard as someone to defend your members and to protect your interests and assets.

Be Smart.  Be Insured.

ASDA recommends all dance clubs carry adequate medical accident insurance coverage, which is why we provide it for all ASDA members.  Join Today to cover all your members and participants for just $2 per person per year.

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