Anjali Dance Company
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The American Social Dance Association offers easy, affordable ways for social dance leaders to manage activities and memberships.  Access an online network of dancers, insurance and music licenses, and downloadable contracts and policies to help you run your club and events.  Our programs and services are designed by veteran dancers and priced affordably for all. We deliver products online to get you what you need quickly--so you can get back out on the dance floor!


Our vision is to serve a membership that represents the majority of active social dancers and dance groups in America. We will help our members by offering benefits and resources, and by serving as a conduit for networking and community development.


The American Social Dance Association supports members in the enjoyment of social dance. Our mission is to promote participation in all styles of social dance. Our programs are designed to encourage activities including dances, events, workshops, camps, contests and performances. 

ASDA is open to individuals and groups that specialize in any style or combination of styles. As the most all-inclusive social dance organization in the nation, ASDA encourages everyone to dance for enjoyment. People dance for a variety of reasons--friendship, health, romance, competition, religion, art, or just plain fun!

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Board of Directors

Board of Directors are open to leaders of member organizations. 

Current Directors - Bill Shields, Buddy Steves